Darren Salkeld: Building a Great Online Portfolio

Darren SalkeldDarren Salkeld is a specialist in building startup, or new, companies. One way these companies can become successful is by building a great online portfolio and presence. More and more people are turning to the Internet to make decisions about which companies and organizations they will use for their business.

A large web presence can make or break the success of a new business. There are many ways to have a diverse online portfolio. Provided below are some examples:


  1. Have a great company website. This is definitely the most important part of building a successful online presence. All too often, companies underestimate the need for an aesthetically-pleasing, user-friendly and useful website. Customers will notice if your website looks like it came from a box. In order to draw more traffic to your site, it is important for the site to serve a purpose.For a restaurant, it’s great to have the ability to see the menu and even make reservations online. For retail business, it is important for consumers to see, and ideally purchase, items online. A website that is interactive is more likely to draw visitors back again and again.
  2. Darren Salkeld says have a Facebook page. There is no denying that Facebook is a huge player in the online world. Facebook is closing in quickly on one billion users. If you think of this enormous number of users in a marketing capacity, the possibilities are endless.By making sure that your company has a great Facebook page, where users/consumers are able to interact with one another and with the company, you are almost guaranteed to see more business. Again, it is best to have your Facebook page serve a purpose for consumers. Some examples of great Facebook pages that make the most of the medium include:
    • Burt’s Bees. Customers can purchase products directly from the Facebook page, and they can also see videos and tutorials from the company.
    • Tiny Prints. This stationary company utilizes Facebook for customer service. They also issue coupon codes on their page, making it easy to track the buying habits of their Facebook fans. Occasionally Tiny Prints runs contests for fans that interact with the company prompts.
    • L.L. Bean. This traditional retailer keeps up with the evolving marketplace by offering a coupon to customers on the Facebook “homepage.” It also invites visitors to enter their email addresses to receive further offers. Offers of coupons or free merchandise can draw a huge audience.

Through smart use of Facebook, companies can reach clientele on a more personal level.

  1. Effectively use SEO. Darren Salkeld instructs that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This phrase refers to a specific set of principles that cause websites to rank more highly on search engine lists. Choose SEO keywords that people would search for if they needed the services your company offers. For example, if you have a website for designer handbags, a good keyword phrase is “inexpensive designer handbags.” Your company would want to include this keyword liberally in the content of the website.Titles, image descriptions, and meta titles should also include your keyword or keyword phrases. Implement a metrics system to analyze which keywords are driving traffic to the site. Darren Salkeld is able to help guide startup companies to inbound marketing success with the right SEO implementation.
  2. Write a company blog. This is a less-formal, more conversational way to gain an online presence. People love to know what is going on behind the scenes, or get a sneak peek of what is coming up for a company. Successful blogs can also include guest posts by employees and even customers. Sharing what is going on at a business with customers makes them feel “in the loop.” A blog is also a great way to tie in promotions, new products that the company is offering, and news related to the company’s industry.

Darren Salkeld: Draw Customers to Your Online Business

The way to have a successful online business (or really, any business) is by getting creative with marketing. Drawing in customers takes innovation, especially in the saturated marketplace. Here are some smart ways to reach your customer base:

Marketing partnerships

Try marketing with up and coming websites and social media outlets. Most people know to look for company websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. It is also a great idea to try to get your company name associated with up and coming sites. You never know what will become the next big thing. Some examples of sites that are good for this type of marketing are Google +, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. Really any cross-promotion is good for both sites involved.


Ask friends and family to give you recommendations. It may seem a little old fashioned in the high tech world, but traditional word of mouth is still a fantastic way to market a new business or product. Offer discounts to friends and family, and incentives if they refer new customers. Traditional referrals can also give way to a new way to spread the word – review websites. Ask your friends and family to write honest reviews about the service or product they receive.

Give back

Find ways to positively impact your community. Consumers tend to frequent companies that they see as philanthropic. Most people are of a giving nature and prefer to do business with those that they feel have the same view. Consider sponsoring a charity walk, placing an ad in a school newsletter, or hosting a benefit for charity. This will garner both exposure for your company, as well as a sense of goodwill.

Work toward transparency

This may go against many things that are taught in a typical business or management environment, but it is certainly appreciated by consumers. Transparency with business practices and how employees and vendors are treated is a great marketing tool. Consider the above suggestion to have a company blog. An employee writing a blog entry about great things that the company does for them personally can drive consumers to want a similar experience.

Darren Salkeld has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting startup companies off of the ground. Great online marketing is a key strategy in starting a new company. Darren Salkeld takes the idea for a company and runs with it. Darren Salkeld has honed his business-launching skills and is able to turn concepts into successful companies.