Darren Salkeld: Boys & Girls Club of America

Darren SalkeldDarren Salkeld, a startup specialist, supports the Boys and Girls Club of America. He believes in their mission to secure the future by aiding youth. Through donations of money and time, Darren supports many charities. The Boys and Girls Club of America is a shining example of such an organization.

BGCA provides a safe, educational place for children from all walks of life to grow. It’s mission is “to enable all young people to reach their full potential.” American youth are provided with activities and relationships with caring, professional adults. The company affiliated in 1906, and has grown from a 3-person organization to a national movement. Alumni of the BGCA include professional athletes like Michael Jordan, Oscar winners like Denzel Washington, and many more.

The cornerstone of the movement is character development. Here are a few facts about the BGCA:

ñ The BGCA has now been around for over a century. It is one of the oldest living charitable organizations in America.

ñ Every Club is community-based, and centered on a Club building.

ñ Clubs are open through the summer and during non-school hours.

ñ Leadership at the club is provided by paid professionals trained in youth development.

ñ Youth form ongoing relationships with caring adults and friends in their Club.

Character development is hardly the end of the line. Darren Salked notes that the BGCA also focus on leadership, responsibility, and developing important skills. A number of programs with specific missions are in place at the BGCA. Some of these are education-based, while others target fitness, social skills, or peer resistance. Some examples are:

ñ BE GREAT: Graduate: This program identifies and aids at-risk youth before they drop out of school.

ñ GameTech/RoboTech: the “Tech” programs introduce members from ages 6-13 to the fields of video game development/animation, or robotics & engineering.

ñ Career Launch: this program for members 13-18 focuses on career preparation, and includes an involved mentoring period.

ñ WANNA PLAY?: WANNA PLAY? is focused on developing fitness and health through recreation.

Darren Salkeld, Business Entrepreneur and Advisor

As a self-made entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist, Darren Salkeld knows the value of education. He advocates skill training, social awareness, and overall wellness for all people. These traits begin in youth, and that’s why business startup specialist Darren Salkeld supports the Boys and Girls Club of America. Throughout his years of helping businesses succeed, Darren Salkeld has strived to be a force for positive change.