Darren Salkeld: Charity in the Workplace

Darren SalkeldDarren Salkeld is an individual with a mind for charity work and donation. While many of us who are employed full time consider ourselves charitable, we may not always have the ability to volunteer our time. With 40 to 50-hour work weeks becoming the norm, time is often in short supply. Donating money or goods is always an option, in addition to volunteering. Here are some ways that those in the workforce can become more charitable:


  • Encourage your company to participate in charitable activities during office hours.

    Often, companies are willing to donate their time and their employee’s time to charity. It is good publicity for the company, and can occasionally be used as a tax deduction. Approach your employer about having a company outing to a soup kitchen, or helping to build a home for a needy family. The more athletically inclined may want to run a 5k as a company team, with the proceeds going to charity.

  • Donate to office charity collections. Most large companies, and many smaller companies as well, will make charitable contributions throughout the year. Companies may collect for a food pantry, a school supplies drive, or a collection to give to public service workers. Giving while at work is a great way to help out your community without having to take time out of a busy schedule to take things to donation centers. Darren Salkeld’s companies regularly raise money to donate to charitable organizations.
  • Ask if your company is willing to auto-deduct charitable contributions from your paycheck. Sometimes employees feel strapped for cash, but if the money is gone before you even see it, you won’t feel the sting quite as much. Typically, larger charitable organizations are willing to set up accounts with companies. Some examples are Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, or the March of Dimes.

Darren Salkeld: Multi-Faceted Philanthropist

Mr. Salkeld has donated his time and money to many different charitable organizations. Unfortunately, hard times can and do strike a wide variety of people. Charities exist to serve people in many types of difficult situations. Some of the more popular types of charities include food pantries, clothing drives, second hand re-sale stores, and disaster relief organizations.

Darren Salkeld and his online startup companies have raised money specifically to donate to non-profit organizations. His companies have also donated time and money to natural disaster relief. The personal philosophy of Darren Salkeld is that everyone should have the ability to become whole again after a disaster strikes. Some of the charities that Darren Salkeld donates to include the Salvation Army, the Save the Children organization, and the Red Cross disaster relief fund.