Darren Salkeld: Great Startup Companies

Darren SalkeldDarren Salkeld is a businessman who has an outstanding ability to turn startup companies into successful businesses. A startup company is an idea that can start out very small, either as its own entity or as an offshoot of an existing corporation. All that is needed for a startup company to get off of the ground is an idea. The next step is to formulate a great business plan. Funding is then secured for the company.

Typically these startup companies carry a higher risk, but also can offer a higher potential return on investment. Ideally, a startup company can grow very quickly with limited monetary, labor, and space investment. Here are some examples of successful startup companies:

  1. Instagram – This is a photo taking, editing, and sharing social media application. Users take photos, apply filters to them, and then share with friends and followers. Instagram was first released in the Android market but now is a popular App on both Android and Apple platforms. Instagram has built a community of over 50 million users with virtually no startup cost. The company was recently sold to Facebook for almost $1 billion. Darren Salkeld also specializes in startup businesses with low initial cost.
  2. Square – This is a company that allows mobile merchants (i.e. food trucks, independent stylists, etc) to take credit card payment through their smartphone or other mobile device. Square has built a following by offering its hardware and app for free. They then charge a fee that is a small percentage of the sale price, similar to what a credit card company would charge. Giving away the product for free has seemed to generate much interest in the company.
  3. Zappos.com – As a leading online retailer for shoes and clothing, Zappos has a great reputation with consumers. The company focuses primarily on great customer service; they are considered to have redefined the definition of customer service. Zappos was purchased in 2009 for $1.2 billion.

Darren Salkeld: Startup Specialist

Mr. Salkeld is experienced when it comes to getting startup companies off the ground. He has helped many businesses from idea to actual launch. He also specializes in a part of business development that is referred to as “hyper-growth,” which occurs when a company expands rapidly after its initial launch. He has honed his skills to help companies during this critical early stage of development.

Darren Salkeld partners with companies to help them in the beginning phases, and then turns them over to the partners or organizations that will continue to run the company. Darren Salkeld prides himself on specializing in startup companies. Darren Salkeld is a professional who can help a company become successful from the very beginning.