Darren Salkeld: Technology In Business

Darren SalkeldDarren Salkeld is a successful businessman and startup specialist. His knowledge is invaluable in the ever-changing world of business, as CEOs and entrepreneurs have discovered. After starting several of his own successful companies, Darren has made a career out of helping others repeat his success. If you have a brilliant idea for a business, he has the tools and systems to help you make it work.

No matter what your business is, technology will make or break it. In today’s world of smartphones and social media, technology has become the universal language. The ubiquitous phrase, “There’s an app for that!” does much to illustrate this point. That’s why every business needs to be fully integrated with the technology of the day in order to thrive. But what does it really mean, to integrate technology into your business?

What do you mean when you say integrate technology into your business?

This is pretty simple. If you’re running a modern business, odds are pretty good that you’re already doing some of the things you should be doing. Perhaps you’ve got a business page on Facebook, or a PayPal account. You’ve probably got an email address. There are a number of things you SHOULD be doing. Here are just a few:

  1. Create a Social Media presence. Nearly everyone has a Facebook page. Your business should be no exception. It’s a great place not only for people to discover you, but it’s also a great way to keep in contact with your clientele in a personal way. You should also be looking into LinkedIn for business contacts, PayPal or Square for e-commerce, and more. If you’re selling items, look into Etsy and E-Bay. If you’re selling a visual commodity, a service, or a style, look into Pinterest and Twitter. People can access these services from their phone. It’s a simple – and usually free – way to be in your customer’s pocket quickly and simply.
  2. Keep an up-to-date and useful website. If you’ve followed step one, you’ve begun to drive more traffic to your website. Now fix up the site! If you can afford to, hire a good web designer. If not, there are plenty free site builder services out there. Don’t crowd your web page with graphics. Keep it simple, easy on the eyes, and informative. Darren Salkeld recommends that you update your site weekly with relevant, interesting content.
  3. Integrate directly. If you have a store, you should have a way for people with smartphones to interact with it. For instance, services like Barcode Link allow you to give your store a UPC barcode that, when scanned, takes the mobile phone to your website. You should also be active on the location-based social media site Foursquare and offer discounts or services to users. You should also make your website “mobile ready” as over 80% of website visits initiate through a mobile device. A great resource for creating professional mobile websites is found at www.MobileWizard.com. 

Darren Salkeld: Startup Specialist

Darren Salkeld has a proven track record of getting businesses off the ground. His process involves analyzing a business model, creating an A-Z sales system, automating the process, creating a strategic product launch plan, and executing on the project. After that, business whiz Darren Salkeld consults with management to ensure their long term success, which could include in person, video or voice conferences. Darren Salkeld has proven over the last several years that he knows exactly how to make the most of a business for all involved.